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Welcome to Pancham Interiors, Hello đź‘‹ today is Sunday, Dec 05, 2021 03:34:09 pm, We provide an affordable price interior designing, planning and decoration on turn-key basis of Apartment, homes, flat, bungalow, villa, offices etc. Luxury interior designers, Home interior designers, find near me.

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Pancham Interiors We offer wide range of Best Interior Designers and Decorators Services in Bangalore

A prestigious interior designing, interior design planning, interior architectural planning and designing, home and office interior designing, Pancham Interiors exemplifies creativity in every sense of the word. Pancham Interiors creates ambience that is impressive and inspiring to all. Be it a home or an office, Pancham Interiors has home and office interior decor solution for all its discerning interior beauty conscious customers. Pancham Interiors is a complete solution provider for home and office interiors designing and decor, We excell in meeting utmost standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction that you can count on us always…….read more

Residential Interior Design

We create effective Solutions for Residential Interiors from concept to completion.

Apartment Interior Design

We combine a mix of luxury Apartment Interior styling with our client requirement.

Office Interior Design

We Give you modernized designs and interior solutions for the Office Interior Design.

Villa Interior Design

We offer Best Interior solutions Innovative ideas Expert designers for Villa interiors

Flat Interior Design

We Give great creativity innovative ideas and smart solutions for your flat Interior Design

Home Interior Design

We provide the Best Home Interior Design which represents innovation and excellence

3d Visualization

We are specialized in creating high-quality 3D visualizations of interior design and decor.

Project Management

We Offer Services to take care of any residential projects and commercial projects

Interior Architecture

We provide Best Interior Architecture to customers based on their requirement.

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Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Pancham Interiors We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading interior firms and executing turnkey projects for "Commercial Interior Services".

Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design

Pancham Interiors We are expert in Residential Home Interior Designing. Our Expertise is a result of our hard work and vast experience as Interior Designers.

Apartment Interior Design

Apartment Interior Design

Pancham Interiors We are specialized in creating high-quality Flat and Home Interior Designing. We have Creativity and Innovative ideas and Expertise designers with amazing talent.

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Our Process

Meet and Agree

At Pancham Interiors, we believe that interaction and conversation are very crucial for any task to be accomplished. Hence, we place a great value in the regular meetings with our clients to discuss the work progress, designs, colours, materials, and every small thing that can make a difference in the project. Regular meetings and discussions bring out the best of us and in turn the best spaces.

Idea and Concept

From our Initial Consultation, we then gather all the information we have discussed with you and research and prepare styles and images that we think will be suitable for the space. We use this time to prepare our initial style concept boards that we use as a visual tool to clarify the style and confirm the brief between the designer and client. Then we welcome any feedback from our clients in regards to our initial concepts, and amend any ideas accordingly. We work with you until you are happy with our final concept and would like to proceed to specifying/sourcing products/materials.

Design and Create

In this creative stage, our designers will work on the approved drawings or visuals to communicate their designs and bring the approved concept to life. In this phase, we present all of the specific material, finishes and furnishing options. At this point you can choose between the options we present. We order samples and prepare specifications for your design project. Your choices will help us finalize your budget so we can continue to move forward and finish your interior design project successfully.

Build and Install

We have highly professional team. We provide the Best and Professional service which represents a good Value for Money, our aim is to bring the Professionalism. Only superior quality and branded materials are used for the interiors. Our highly qualified professionals provide you the best solution for the installation of your interiors.

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Our Stats

Our Experienced Team

Our experienced and Best Interior design expertise team, Creativity and innovative ideas make smart Interior solutions

Expertise Years Experience

We are A highly recognized Interior Designers and Decorators in Bangalore. expertise years experienced

Our Happy Clients

Thanks a lot to our customer. To trust with us. We have got the opportunity to make our customer happy

Our Completed Projects

We are very pleased to tell us this. we and our experienced team Completed above 900 Projects successfully

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Interior Designers and Decorators FAQ's

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What is the difference between interior decorators and interior designers?
Interior designers create interior living or work spaces according to the needs and requirements of the clients. An interior designer is a problem-solver, designing and creating spaces which better the people's quality of life. Interior decorators, on the other hand, don't create interior spaces - rather they embellish them. Interior decorators work on spaces which already exist, adorning and furnishing them with good-looking, fashionable, and functional things.
How do I choose the right interior designer in Bangalore for my home?
Firstly, identifying your style is important to be able to communicate to the designer. You need to go over their portfolio and see what kind of projects they've done and how they've performed. Meeting the designer, building trust, and setting expectations is extremely important - then you'll know how they can handle situations. Budgets are also important - and designers need to be communicated that to. Lastly, you do need to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing an interior designer and go with the flow, while asking for constant updates.
What are the types of Interior Designing Style in 2020 that you are offering?
Indian interior design is undergoing a drastic change, with interior designs from all around the world becoming extremely popular. To that end, we offer our clients a range of interior design types from around the world, including Beach-style, Eclectic, Midcentury-modern, Mediterranean, Minimalist, Industrial, Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, and even Nautical styles.
What are the benefits of hiring the Interior Designer and Decorator in Bangalore?
Interior designers are knowledgeable about the field of interior design. They know exactly how to convert what you want into reality. Homes can be energy efficient, while using materials that are not costly. They have connections for sourcing both high-quality materials and good quality workers for the project, plus save the time that you'd have to invest in doing up your new home.
What to consider while hiring the interior designers and decorators in Bangalore?
Few things you need to consider are - setting budgets that you don't ideally want to cross, deciding how you want the spaces to be in your home to communicate to the designer, what timeline you'd like the project to be completed in. You also need to see the personal involvement of the designer in the project, the trust they exude while speaking with you about your dream project, and whether the expectations of the two parties match.
What are the interior design and decoration trends in 2020?
2020 is brimming with brand new interior design and decoration trends geared towards style and function both. These include custom furnishings, pastel-coloured kitchens, kitchen islands, houseplants and botanical imagery within the house, walk-in showers, and powder rooms, among others.
What are the furniture trends for 2020?
Furniture has always been an important part of home decor, whether it is for style or whether for comfort. Some fantastic furniture trends that are all set to make a big splash in 2020 are the continuing demand for rattan, wicker, and cane, made-to-order, customized pieces, vintage chairs, and curved furniture, right from sofas to beds.
What are the new interior design colors for 2019 and 2020?
The life-affirming coral was the Pantone 2019 colour of the year, and shades of coral showed up in everything from bedroom wallpapers to media room Barcaloungers. Pantone's 2020 color of the year is the gorgeous, royal "Classic Blue". So, blues are all set to rule the roost for 2020, whether it is furniture, wallpapers, or even little touches such as lighting fixtures and throw pillows.
How the interior design business grows in 2020 compared with 2019?
Increase in disposable income has changed the way that Indians are decorating their homes. Today, a larger percentage of the population is spending on the interior design of their homes as compared to earlier. Today, people want their homes to not only be sophisticated, chic, and trendy, but also well-equipped, smart, and unique as well. So, the use of standard furniture is going down, and the difference can be seen the most in 2019 vs. 2020. What's more, the interior design business is seeing a new vertical - that of theme-based designs for their homes such as ethnic Indian, European, Mediterranean and more. People want to see the influences of the places they have traveled to in their homes, and the industry is growing tremendously on the back of such customizations that clients need.
What colour of cabinets are in style 2019?
A trend for cabinets that continues to be extremely popular is mixing painted cabinets with natural wood shades. Upper and lower cabinets have been painted in complementing colors with differing textures. This not only keeps the functional look, but allows for some interest and warmth in the form of colour as well.
What is interior design company in bangalore?
An Interior design firms in bangalore possesses expertise in designing the interior of a building, whether it is retail, hospitality, commercial, or residential, to achieve design experiences and an environment that is distinctive, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing.
Why should you hire an interior designer or interior decorators in bangalore?
When you hire us to design your space, you hire an interior design expert who has had decades of experience. We know how to manage space and how to make it look awesome. That's not all. Our experience and expertise interior designer and decorators will save money and time for you.
What process will I have to go through for the Home Interior solutions in Bangalore?
Three main stages of home interiors solution involves: Free Quotation - wherein our team will provide you an approx quotation as per your floor plan and scope of work required Design Finalization - our Expert Designers will create a 2D and 3D image to give you a real feel of how your interior will appear Execution - wherein precisely manufactured modules are installed in your space under the supervision of site managers
What is the cost involved with home interiors in Bangalore?
The cost of home interiors in Bangalore entirely depends on the design needs, customizations, and the material requirements of the home. You can be assured of competitive pricing of Pancham Interiors and that is reflected in our quote.
What is the time involved in getting my home interiors done?
Not every project takes the same amount of time. The project timeline depends on many factors including the size of the home, the client's desires, budget, and more. But, the average time taken to complete a project by Pancham Interiors is 15 to 60 days, after contract signing.
Can a design quote be customized as per my budget?
Yes, Pancham Interiors we providing customized solutions, we can work within your budget and maximize the impact of our design as per your interiors. The only key point is that your budget should fit the minimum design requirement and order value.
Why should I choose a professional interior design company for my home interiors in Bangalore?
There are multiple benefits you can draw from a professional end-to-end interior designing company other than receiving a great interior solution for the entire home, of course! It saves you from investing a lot of time You receive multiple materials and design options at one point Quality is always assured. Since the companies tie-up with world-class partners. Warranty period
What is a Residential Interior Designer?
A Residential Interior Designer provides interior designing services for all forms of Residential spaces. At Pancham Interiors, we curate interiors for apartments, independent houses, independent villas as well as gate-community villas in Bangalore.
What is end-to-end Interior Designing?
End-to-end interior design refers to the full suite of interior design services tailored to meet the specific client needs. It involves planning, designing, material selection, procurement, project execution, quality control, and the hand over as per the discussed norms.
What is meant by a customized home interior solution?
A customized interior design solution refers to a design that is tailored specifically for your floor plan. It involves a clear understanding of your design vision and your family’s aspiration of home interiors.
How can I receive a customized interior design for my villa in Bangalore?
After discussing the parameters of your interior design project, we’ll put together a quote that outlines the details of the materials and elements including the price. It is a great way for both of us to ensure that the expectations are in line.
How are interior items delivered at project by Pancham Interiors?
All items are bubble wrapped to avoid damages while transporting the items. All the items are loaded to the transportation vehicle by our staff and unloaded at the site with proper care. We take responsibility during the delivery process so no damage occurs.
What is the warranty of the products provided by Pancham Interiors, Interior Designers and Decorators in Bangalore?
We hold ourselves to such high standards that we provide an Industry leading ten year warranty on all interiors undertaken by us. Pancham Interiors takes care of the interior design elements of your home for five years from the day of handing over the keys to you.
What type of projects can you do?
Pancham Interiors profile features all aspects of interior designing for residential and commercial spaces. Pancham Interiors and its prolific team are well-versed in offering highly functional, ergonomic, and striking interior design services to homes and offices in Bangalore and other cities.
What other services do you offer?
Pancham Interiors also offers interior design services in bangalore for outdoor/indoor areas of the home, kids' rooms, home offices and gyms, and even staircases. We also provide interior design services for commercial projects like museums, community centres, warehouses, libraries, and more.
Can you manage the entire project?
Yes, Pancham Interiors Interior designers and decorators in bangalore can undertake the entire project from the beginning to end. We invest time in understanding the client's likes and tastes and incorporate the same into their home and office spaces, transforming them with distinctive and unique interior design solutions.
How long will our project take?
The time taken to complete a project depends on the project and what it entails and requires. But once we commit on a timeline, we deliver on it.
What will be your project cost?
Get in touch with us and allow our experts at Pancham Interiors design firm to help you out.
If I have any queries / concerns, who do I get in touch with?
Our team is more than happy to help! Please call us on + 91 94497 99491 (5:30 AM to 11:00 PM until) or write to us at: [email protected] You can also use the live chat option on our website.
How do I schedule my first design consultation?
Our team is more than happy to help! Please call us on + 91 94497 99491 (5:30 AM – 11:00 PM until) or write to us at: [email protected] You can also use the live chat option on our website. It’s easy! Just go countct Us here to fill up the form. One of our designers will get in touch with you to schedule your first consultation. You can call us on + 91 94497 99491.

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